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Important Message! Please ensure that your browser meets the requirements listed on the Applicant Home or in the FAQ. Failure to use a compatible browser and recommended settings (e.g., blocking popups or disabling javascript) may cause errors generating the application files. Some popular browser plugins (e.g., AdBlocker) may also interfere with javascript functionality. Be sure to check your documents on the Documents page to make sure they are correct. You are responsible for making sure that your application is complete and accurate.

The CAP (Residency Common Application (CAP), or Common Application Process) is a program started by the Workgroup for Coordination of Medical Physics Residency Programs (WGCMPR) to do three things.

  • Make it easier for applicants to apply for residency programs.
  • Reduce administrative burden for residency programs that have to process these applications.
  • Provide a mechanism that will allow programs to work towards a match system, putting applicants in their preferred programs, and getting preferred applicants into participating programs. The match system is currently used by medical residents, but is not currently in place for physics residents.

The application will ask for the following information.

  • Personal information (name, address, contact information)
  • ABR certification status
  • Disclosure of criminal behavior, academic violations, and/or licensure actions
  • Employment history
  • Military service history (if applicable)
  • Education (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Names of 3 references (including one from current advisor or department head)
  • Personal statement (max 3000 characters) indicating why you want to go into medical physics, and anything else you want to communicate to the applications reviewers (this is instead of a cover letter).
  • Uploaded CV (should include awards, publications and presentations)
  • Transcripts and a copy of TOEFL results (if applicable)
    • Can be uploaded, or
    • Official copies can be mailed to Clinical Medical Physics Residency Application, One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740

If you are already registered in the CAP, please click here to begin entering your Personal Information. If not, click here to register.

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    • Opera 10 (or above, for Mac and Windows)
    • Safari 5 (or above, for Mac and Windows)
  • Recommended minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Other recommended settings:
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    • Browser plugin to display PDF
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